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Posted: Sun Jul 29, 2007 6:21 pm Reply with quote
Administrator Joined: 22 Sep 2004 Posts: 1029 Location: USA

Location: Europe
Activity: Depends on how much is needed. And how much time there is. Some weeks differ from others. An hour a day no problem I guess. I have too much time on my hands lately anyway.

Experience : Do I really have to? Its a long list.
Clans :
* Soldiers of Courage - Best clan in the early 1.05b era.
* Fury - Nb. 1 rival of soldat veterans in their peak.
* Storm and Destroy
* Guilt & Regret (founder & leader)
* Guilt 'n' Regret - SCTFL 5 Quarterfinalists.
* Titanium Alloy
* immundus.deus
* pro-lamerzzz
* Wai Wai Jockey Gate-In - SCTFL 2 winners, SCTFL 1&3 finalists (I wasn't there at the time though)
* rumoured to be one of the mysterious fluffos
* X'fect, Winners of TNL-B, TPC2 & TPC3, SCTFL 7 Finalists
* Shattered Illusions (founder & leader)
* Myth
* British Army - SCTFL 2 Semi-Finalists, Winners of SaD tourney.
* Ad Absurdum - TNL-B winners
* The Asylum - SCTFL 8 winners
* Apocalypse

* Current Clan: 2wai yet again

Community work :

* Former ESL International Soldat Admin (first)
* Former and Current Official forums moderator
* Former Admin of the SCTFL forums
* Former and Current beta tester
* Former Soldat radio DJ (first)

I have been involved in just about everything of importance in the soldat community from when it first existed. I know just about everyone that "matter" in the soldat community. to why I should be a sctfl admin.

First of all, it never hurts having a Slovenian on the team, it will raise your support amongst the masses because of your support for the minorities(as in, the Slovenians).
Second of all, I am logical, mathematical, compasionate yet no bullshit when needed. I am stubborn yet I can be persuaded with a good arguement. I am fluent in english yet very bad at german(proud of it).
I understand how this game works, how clans work, how the players think and I'm THIIIS close to figuring out why those fucking poles just won't die.
2wai is sort of inactive Soldat forums are boring so I NEED something to keep me occupied before I start paying the WoW subscription and get lost from the world of Soldat forever.
Now, as nike says : Just do it.

Have no fear, The Poop is here!
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Posted: Sun Jul 29, 2007 10:14 pm Reply with quote
Administrator Joined: 22 Sep 2004 Posts: 1029 Location: USA

I don't know if it's such a good idea to send this now, since as you might know I'm in army, but since I might come back in a few weeks if I get the position I'm applying for I thought why not, or if you don't mind having an admin who can only do shit during weekends for the time being.

Anyways let's get to it, first of all my name is Reko Tiira, I'm 20, and on Internet you know me as ramirez, commonly mistaken for being mexican, although originated in Finland.

Location: Europe

Soldat Experience: I started somewhere in end of 2002, or start of 2003, so about four and half years. First couple of years I mostly played with my friends on a private Internet community, but also played clanwars and participated in SCTFL in clan GW (which is pretty much unknown). In 2005 I joined AE/, in which I've been ever since, for over 2 years. I think I'm a fairly decent person as a player and I think my biggest strength is to play for my team (which works both ways of course). I'm one of the most active players of my clan (when I'm not in army of course), and played 95% of SCTFL9 matches with DS and Kouleman, and majority of SCTFL10 matches as well.

Community Experience: First couple of years I ran my own private community GWSoldat with DS where we organized many tournaments and such. In 2005 I joined Qnet and became active in the larger community and took part in a lot of projects. Some of the community projects I've been involved with are: SoldatCentral (co-founder with DS, from 2005, server renting, clan hosting, DNS hosting, etc), Soldat Gather (admin/payer/scripter, from 2005), TNL (admin/scripter/techstuff, from 2006, haven't really done much there yet due to inactivity), SCTFL (done stuff when DS has requested, bunch of miscellanous scripts, such as IRC playoffs randomizations, the server renting website, setup and maintained servers from ClanPlanet etc), #soldat.match (admin, from its founding). I'm also a beta tester and have actively took part in testing the game, and I've also developed a bunch of scripts and tools for Soldat, and helped other developers by writing modules for certain things. Don't really know what else to write here, I'm also part of some more unknown projects, such as LRS for which I wrote the gather bot, and I do misc jobs for anyone who asks as long as it's reasonable. As for other involvment with SCTFL, I've played in pretty much every season ever since I joined AE/ (so since SCTFL6 I think), and I also participated couple of SCTFLs before SCTFL6 with GW (SCTFL4 and 5 if I recall correctly) and I check the forums actively. So all in all, I think I'm very familiar with the community, and know the people in it, mostly from IRC, but also from Soldat Forums and couple of other forums.

Prior League Experience: I've participated in pretty much any medium/big/known league there's been such as SCTFL, TNL, SaD cup, BnW cup, TPC, IPC, SWC, etc. I'm an admin in TNL. My position is a general admin, but as well scripter. I'm supposed to make a clan/player database of a sort to keep things organised and pleasant for admins and most of all, the people who play in the league. I've also organised a lot of leagues, tournaments and such in GWSoldat, so I know how things roll. I also have a lot of experience from being a Gather admin, so I have no problems watching demos for hackers, dealing with problematic situations/persons, or sharing my opinions with the others.

Why you should be admin: I hate this question because you have to toot your own horn. But I'll try to contain my ego and be as honest with myself as I can. Although I can be a bit of an asshole to some people sometimes, always for a reason though, I think I'm a very fair and nice person generally and I'm objective/unbiased (and I don't take bribes either, unless there's a lot of money in the table). I've been a moderator of a big community called GW (almost 35,000 members as of now) ever since 2003, and an admin ever since 2005. I obviously deal with general admin issues, but I'm also the tech admin there who maintains the server, writes all sorts of modifications of forums, scripts and programs that needs to be written. I've been voted the best admin ever since I became one in the annual GW awards, and I've been voted the most helpful person 4 times in row, so I have something to back up my words. That's my biggest mod/admin experience, but as stated previously, I've also worked as an admin in a lot of other projects, so I know how to deal with all kinds of situations, even the difficult ones. As for other qualifications, I'm fairly proficient with english (as a matter of fact I use it a lot more than my native language commonly). I'm not perfect of course, especially my grammar can sometimes look a bit weird to a native english speaker. I'm a person of logic, and I think rationally. I'm a good in mathematics, which is needed in the work I do for hobby and as well as for work whenever possible. That is programming. I code in several different languages, from C/C++ to C#, and web-based languages such as HTML and PHP. I also know different languages/technologies well such as SQL (mostly MySQL and SQLite), XML, RSS and a whole bunch of scripting languages like Lua, C-script, TCL, etc. I'm aiming to become a software engineer for living, and I recently got accepted in an University of Applied Sciences where I'm going to study software engineering (including web-based technologies). To give some sort of a hint of my knowledge of logic and maths (which are the core requirements there), I got the best result from the entrance examinations out of all applicants. Anyway, since programming and technical know-how is my biggest strength, I guess you need to know how well I know what I do. I started with web development with HTML and Visual Basic ever since I was 10 or 11, and I picked up PHP when I was 15 (5 years ago), and C++ when I was 16 (~4 years ago). It'd be nicer to help SCTFL by scripting things/doing tech-stuff as an official staffer.

Activity: During my stay in army? Unfortunately not too many. I'm home almost every weekend though, so I don't have a problem spending a few hours, or more if required, during weekends, but on weekdays I'm kind of occupied. I'm applying for a position as www-developer for military though, and if I get the job I get to move back in home, and will have more time even during my time of service. If I won't get the job I want, I'll probably be back at the start of January, because I don't intend to do more service than 6 months, even if it means I have to change to civil service, might be before that if I get too tired of being in army. When I'm not in army, I have a lot of free time generally, and can probably spend few hours on almost any day when needed (but obviously I don't want to spend 20 hours a week for SCTFL, but if you need something done quickly and even if it requires some time, I'd try to do my best). A word of warning though, when I'm overworked I lose motivation easily so if you're looking for a dog to order around and do all the work, I'm not the guy for the job.

Have no fear, The Poop is here!
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