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Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 10:46 pm Reply with quote
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The following contains stuff that I've seen and experience in the soldat world since I first played it, a bit over 3 years ago.

It was sometime in june 2002 when I went to my friend's and he had the game, I tried it. so I began to play on public and against bots, but after summer my connection to internet was cut down for a couple of months, not really sure about these times and when I got a new one.

well I started to play normally after that and started to use barret, as everybody ended up doing back then. I also started to duel and I met cbble who was back then like a model for my later self in 1.1.5 and, in my opinion, I grew to quite a powerful person in those duels till the end of that version. in march, I met this guy named wolf on his public server who actually was camping all the time, who I whined a lot at. the next day he started dotc with kmfdm aka tylerdurden or wtf his original nick was. and a couple of days after that I met wolf again and we ended up as friends with each other and I joined his clan and met DarkNoddy (Noddeh-luuuuve Weee, this friendship is still the best one I do have in this 'soldat world'). together we started #bunny_island on Qnet after Noddeh invented the Bunneh figure:
I played my first clanwar ever with wolf, a tdm game. the next day, which was against a clan that I can't remember atm (I'll add it later) resulting in a victory for us.

the members that I remember that have ever been a part of dotc:
kmfdm, wolf, Noddy, dark lotus (can't remember that older nick), jaakarhu, smorie (smoreflower), wo0t, scarecrow, instant sniper, duges, zingo, subslider,

I played a lot during that summer, mostly it began as the both leaders, tyler and wolf left the game, wolf cos his computer broke and tyler cos of lack of interest, and the leadership of the clan fell on me. this opened my way into the actual community of soldat. as though I weren't very good a leader, I led as I could and the clan was mostly in a chaos since we didn't even had an actual homepage and members were coming and going and many were impossible to control for their inactivity. dotc also participated in the first season of sctfl, and we managed to get into the top 10.

by time, I got more bored with the clan, and got to know with tattoo and joined his clan, fury. fury was truly the best thing back then, but it was unable to beat sv. I had fun those times, tho the change from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4 and 1.1.5 was bothering me and I always hated that version a lot. in that clan I got to know many ppl and also drew Noddeh (rawr) from dotc with me. fury didn't last for that long anymore, xorax was already gone I think that fell tattoo's morale downwards which again was poison to the clan itself. then jaakarhu also came to fury with me from dotc (after a series of clanhopping tho) and we ended up the only three playing in the clan, jaakarhu, me and urhos. remedy was also going around those times, but not so much that it would've made any difference as he played maybe one or two matches. also ankka was there (that former daedalus who had been in almost since the beginning of the clan), but mainly the same as with remedy.

I could list up all the fury members of all times if I were in the clan from the beginning, but I haven't so you won't see that list

then was the time for the first eurocup (actually the second one but the first one a bit before didn't get going at all). fawkes formed the finnish team that included urhos, jaak and myself from fury and fawkes himself and his friends kornelius and whatever-that-one-guy's-name-was-again-dunno from ae. however that tourney's 2 main teams were the polish team and our finnish team. both teams actually started in the same group in the playoffs, but we never got to play each other since tompenny made that tourney and it didn't of course last a it died before that. then it came to the most legendary moments as we the finnish team fooled cbble, sv, which didn't have matches lost in it's history until that night, when we actually managed to beat them.

yea I know it was unfair for them since we were a team instead of a clan :F

so long...

I quit soldat after that, for a moment
this pause took around 2-3 months and I joined sad, before I already tried in to sv. that sucked so I gave up and went think what to do next, sad was the outcome for some reason.

I have now been in sad for about 15 months and had really great time, tho I was bit dissapointed at a couple of members at first, but they've already left the game :>

as 6 months were passed in sad, we decided with my old friend jaakarhu to create a clan of our own. since we had both seen the great success of mn, from total group of noobs into something that was hardly resistable, we wanted to try the same way. we started the clan called fs - frantic soldiers. we were two and also nouty (noutaja who was around a bit, just for inventing that stupid name for the clan) and recruited a couple of beginners and tried to make them play well and so on, but it all ended up in jaak, me and supreme, the first recruited member of clan (not a noob tho), playing together as everybody else didn't last. we paticipated in the 5th season of sctfl and made it to the top 10 at first but then we fell inactive and as I was the only one who staid on and trying, I had enough of it and left. then it was a travel back to sad.

the following is a quote from the sad homepage:
A list of members ever in [SaD]:
FragBait, The Psych, Master (aka Mourne), Omena, ROB, CMU, Rixter, Onyros, Gas0, Scorpion, koil, Wo0t, Zickell, flab, Dionea, SuperKill, Jaakarhu, ToWeL, Peter aka PetahPan, Behcio, derf, Kimera, OutcasT, paradoX, Ymies, wood, Kain-San, ManSlayer, Orange, knot, Pope-Pope, Daniel, Urhos, Meandor, deejii, Remedy, Trolly, rumpage, Pheel, text_killer

All of these players has been a part of [SaD], and some still are. They have all helped to make [SaD] into the kind of clan that it is today. Some of them has been in [SaD] for quite some time, and others has just been there briefly, but [SaD] would not have been the same without them.

I am truly proud to have my name written on that list, it has made a simple 2d shooter game actually fun and as some ppl might think it's impossible to play such a simplicity for so long, they are absolutely wrong. I do not regret it. in sad I have taken part in many tourneys and meh so many ppl that I can't simply remember all of them. good night ppl

--Ymies, july 13th 2005

p.s if anyone can read the whole of that crap I'll offer him a beer for sure

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So Ymmees, when you'll buy the beer for me?

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