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The sixth season of sctfl was played in 2 divisons, 1 for North American clans and 1 for European clans. First phase, the group stage, in which the top 3 of every group would go to the playoffs took alot of time because the SCTFL site went down for a long period. After took over the hosting and brought the forums and site back online we tryed to start the playoffs, alot of clans died during the downtime, so it where pretty much the best clans which stayed alive that reached the top 3 positions in their group.

So it happened that even with the downtime we had a pretty strong playoff session to decide who was the actual North American and European champions. After this there was a final between the both champions to decide who became world champion.

American Final :: Hawt Secks vs Pain Shot ::

North American Champion
Clan: Hawt Secks
Tag: /HS/-
Irc: #Hawtsecks @ Quakenet
Players: Toto Essentle, Toto silent, el brado, Scubasan, iLLskiLLs, Sgt. Hartman, Chibi, T.J.Ford

European Final :: AlterEgo vs Shadow Warriors ::

European Champion
Clan: Shadow Warriors
Tag: [SW]
Irc: #sw.soldat @ Quakenet
Players: Perry, Atlan, Sha|Mysteri, Avenger, Pokuan, Tikruy, Delanov, Deathknight, Bablo, Alakhai, Mandlc, Dragonhit

SCTFL World Final :: Hawt Secks vs Shadow Warriors ::

Hawt Secks
T.J. Ford
el brado (B2b2 & Voland)
Scubasan (B2b & B2b2)
Toto silent (B2b & Voland)

Shadow Warriors
Perry (B2b & B2b2)
Uran (Voland)

/HS/- maps: B2b red, Voland blue
[SW] maps: B2b red, Run red

Round 1: B2b ( /HS/ pick )
/HS/- 2 - 0 [SW]

Round 2: B2b ( [SW] pick )
/HS/- 0 - 0 [SW]

Round 3: Voland ( /HS/- pick )
/HS/- 10 - 3 [SW]

/HS/- Hawt Secks Caps: 12
[SW] Shadow Warriors Caps: 3

SCTFL 6 World Champion
Clan: Hawt Secks

We tried to play HS as soon as possible, cause we got bored with the game, and wanted to focus more on real life and stuff.

But for that match we kept on training like mad. We knew Hs would be very difficult, cause we lost some of our best players in the clan.
But after we won AE so high without those players, we felt like we could win HS.

The match was arranged at evening, servers to be played on where theirs and ours.
I must say we always found it difficult to play on American servers, and so it was in this clanwar too. Remarkable enough that American clans are willing to play on euro servers for most of their fcws.

But besides that, HS members turned out to be really good players, for sure the same level than the best Euros.

So we started to play and we made some stupid mistakes right from the start.
On the first B2b the upper way was the problem, I had no gathering with Sha, so it was easy for HS getting 2 Caps. In fact i was surprised it was only 2, they played much better than we did.

Round 2 was B2b too, but on our server, we red.
This round was our best, in fact we were very unlucky to not get a cap. Most of the time it was a torture cause i had the flag like 6 minutes, and they had too.
Each attacks from us were stopped, cause HS showed very smart tactics, and defended well with 3 guys as you also can see on screen, which is a pretty funny one.^^

From that point i knew we would lose, cause we never won Voland against a good clan.
So i decided to let our new players get some experience, Uran came for me. As we all know Poles love Voland. Perhaps there was a chance... ^_^

Round 3 was a mess from what i saw on the demos. Uran lagged like hell with pings going over 1200 randomly so he couldnt kill a thing, and Sha had some sort of Access violation right from the start.

HS did a great show of a cap party though, they were on fire and had excellent tactics and the skill to make them true.

All in all I must say im not sad we lost this, it was a good game, and im glad we were part of the two finals.
The better clan won, which was HS. Congratulations to them.
Im proud we came so far, thank goes out to all our members that made this possible!
See you in the next season!


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