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Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 2:38 am Reply with quote
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Western Gunners vs LAW

Date: 2006-07-03

Western Gunners - {WG}
{WG/S} Madchal
{WG/D} Cosmo
{WG/C} Ciesta

LAW | Soo~V6
LAW | Zono (Croatia)

Round1 - Laos
{WG} 3 - 2 LAW |

Round2 - Voland
{WG} 6 - 0 LAW |

Round 1 Details:
lol, stupid WG. LAW's first cap came after Ciesta threw flag away for Cosmo to take it. Cosmo didnt take it so i went to take it, then I saw that Ciesta went to take it so I didnt, but at the same time he thought I would take it. Boom, down come a LAW player and return flag Very Happy

their second cap, Cosmo sit down with law, they attack, he jump (crouch + jump = throw flag) and he throw it so that they cap Very Happy lol

LAW did very good in this map

Round 2 Details:
WG had the control

Western Gunners Caps: 9
LAW Caps: 2

End Result: Western Gunners Wins!

Comment: GG's

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