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First and foremost, many of the rules will be the same as regular season rules. This includes server settings, most of the Misc rules, Multiclanning rules and so forth. I will only include new playoff rules, the most important changes which will affect matches.

Administrative Rights
We feel it is necesarry to make this known before the playoffs begin.
- The Administrators of this league have the right to make any decision which they feel is necesary to keep the league running smoothly and without problems.
- In the situation where an Administrator is wrong, misinformed, subjective, prejudicial, or incompetent, check the rule above
- The administrators have the right to spectate any match in the playoffs.

Playoffs Format
I think this is pretty much obvious and known by everybody already.
- The playoffs will be run in a knockout style bracket. 1 loss and you're out.
- The top 16 teams from the regular season will advance into the playoffs.
- In a situation where a clan dies/doesn't play its match in the first round of the playoffs, we may replace them with the next closest clan from the regular season.

Matches must be played by their deadline date. We can tolerate if you are late by 1 or 2 days late with valid reasons, however delaying a match too much will result in a forfeit. The first week will be longer than rest of the weeks because there are more matches to be played and we will give you plenty of time to get them done. The deadlines will be as follows:
Round 1: June 20  - July 1
Round 2: July 2 - July 8
Round 3: July 9 - July 15
Final Match: July 16 - July 22

Match Rules
This is probably what most of you have been waiting for. The match rules are aimed at being fair to both teams while preventing any possible problems/conflicts.
- Each team will pick 2 maps before the playoff match begins. The teams will also choose the server and side for thier maps.
- The team which has won the most rounds after 4 total rounds wins the playoff match. The match will not always go all 4 rounds though. For example, if a clan wins the first 3 rounds, they have already won the match. On the same token, if a clan wins 2 rounds and ties the third, it is impossible for the opposing clan to win or tie after 4th round, therefore that clan has already lost  the match and a fourth round is not necesarry.
- The rounds can be played in any order. However, if there is any disagreement, the team with the HIGHER ranking in the regular season will choose whose map is played first. After that, clans will alternate playing each other's maps until all 4 rounds are played.
- Neither team can play a map more than once. A clan can pick the same map as their opponent picks. For example, Clan A picks ctf_B2b and ctf_Laos, Clan B can pick ctf_B2b and ctf_Voland. However, they can't pick ctf_B2b twice.

- The first tiebreaker will be an extra round. This rule may be somewhat complicated to some people, so please read carefully.
- In a case where a NA clan is playing an EURO clan, the clan with the higher ranking will choose to pick EITHER server OR map+side for the tiebreaker round.
- In a case where an EURO clan is playing an EURO clan or a NA is playing another NA clan, the clan with the higher ranking will choose to pick EITHER map OR side for the tiebreaker round. This rule is obviously assuming that the same server is being used for all rounds.
- In a case where there is still a tie after the tiebreaker round, a sudden death round will be played. Lower ranking clan will now have the options about whatever they want to pick (server or map/side). 6th round follows the same formula as 5th round except that the team which will cap first is the winner.
- In the rare situation where there is still a tie after 6th round, we will do sudden death round again, This time the higher ranked clan gets to do the choice again. Repeat until one clan is the winner.
- A clan's tiebreaker map cannot be one of the 2 maps they originally picked for the match.

Misc Rules
These are just general rules which are usually not the case in the regular season, but should be noted for the playoffs.
- Admins have the right to spectate any playoff match.
- If there is any disagreement whatsoever during a playoff match, we suggest all clans to contact an admin immediately and resolve the problem with the admin rather than attempting to resolve it themselves. This will insure problems are kept to a minimum.
- Screens and demos are MANDATORY for EVERY PLAYER. This is to once again ensure problems are kept to a minimum. If you do not record a demo, and a problem happens during a round, we may punish you or make you play that round over, depending on the situation.
- We suggest clans not to allow spectators during playoff matches. The only people that should be spectating are SCTFL admins. The reason is because with the recent ventrilo/teamspeak popularity, ghosting may be a problem.

- Each player can only be on the roster for ONE CLAN FOR THE DURATION OF THE PLAYOFFS. What this means is that if Player A is on the roster of Clan X when the playoffs start, he cannot play for any other clan in the playoffs, even if he didnt play a playoff match with clan X. In addition, if you weren't in a clan's roster before the roster change forum was locked, you cannot play in the playoffs.

Server Selection
-In case where both clans are from the same continent, they have the right to decide which server to use as their home server, Clanplanet and Selfkill for European clans and Clanplanet, Fracs and U13 for American clans.

-In case of intercontinentals, European clans have the right to request either Clanplanet, Fracs or U13 server to be used on American side while American clans have the right to request either Clanplanet or Selfkill server to be used on European side.

We trust in sportsmanship and that you will use a server which is fair for both clans. If your opposing team lags on one server, use a server where there is as little lag as possible. Don't pick a server which simply does not work well enough for one clan.


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