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Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 6:59 pm Reply with quote
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Early in season 10, the SCTFL administrators promised that we would put up a poll at the end of the season that would allow the community to give their input on health cool down. Now that the end of the season has arrived, we have decided to put up several polls on various issues about which we would like to know the community's overall opinion. We hope that everybody utilizes this forum over the coming break before season 11 begins.

However, we would like to make clear that the results of these polls will not necessarily reflect any rule changes for next season. We will strongly consider the results of the polls when making decisions about next season's rules, and the results will aid us in making rule determinations, but we believe that our own minds are stronger than a few numbers, and we will use our best judgment when deciding how to run the league, even if that happens to be contrary to some or any of the poll results. Even if the results are not implemented in SCTFL 11, the administrators may decide to consider them for future seasons.

When voting, we strongly encourage you to also post your opinion and expatiate on your position as much as possible. A good, solid argument for your position is far more convincing and influential than a simple number on the poll, and this is what we are truly looking to see.

We may add new polls over the course of the next few weeks or months, so we encourage you to keep checking back. If you have a good suggestion for a new poll, do not hesitate to post it in the General Discussions area of the forums, and we may decide to use it.
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Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2007 6:18 am Reply with quote
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well despite your supposedly stronger minds (olol) I applaud the chance to give opinions in this manner. May a lot of good come from it Razz

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