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Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 10:11 am Reply with quote
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The Asylum ('AA') Versus Alterego

The Asylum line up :


Alterego's line up :


First map : Ae's choice :
Maya 1 - 1

Second map : Asy's choice :
Laos 4 - 2

Third map : Ae's choice :
Equinox 1 - 3

Fourth map : Asy's choice :
Voland 10 - 1

Total Caps :
Asy : 16
Ae : 7

The Asylum WINS.

Very good games AE, I really enjoyed this match..
The demos : (equi is missing ;I)



It was a good and close game except for Voland where we got raped majorly. I don't really know what went wrong but we were completely outplayed and ultimately, I'd say they deserved the victory. We had confidence in Maya but Mandlc tied the game with a nice double kill in our base. Too bad for us since this was the second time we lost in the finals but hey, maybe next time.

Game was a littly laggy, but mostly good

First and foremost I'd like to say that I really enjoyed the match. The first 3 maps, especially Maya, were very fun and exciting and we both had our moments. I already knew before the game that if AA was gonna pick Voland, we'd have very tough time there, because we all know how strong they are in Voland, and how we've struggled in it in the past as well. We got raped in Voland, but it didn't really surprise me. In the end we lost the match, but the victory of Asylum's was very well deserved, and I'd like to congratulate them for it.


i played bad on equinox cause i wanted to make it more tight :> though i knew we will never lose on voland so it doesnt matter if i play on equinox the way i want ;Q EASY EASY EASY

It was a good match all of maps were close and interesting, except voland when we got super power. Maya was really close ( thanks to Mandlc ). I won my first sctfl yey .

It was a very good game from the start to the end, I'm happy that we have won, PARTY TIME YARR!

it was very hard and interesting game, we tied maya luckily.. all maps were very close except voland where they had some problems and didn't do so well anyway i enjoyed it


(@xurich) if I'm not devirginized before next sctfl season, I am definitely quitting
(@xurich) allow me to make that clear
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